I am now purchasing my sixth leash from Mountain Dog. I am a behavior modification dog trainer who specializes in working with dogs that are fear reactive/aggressive on leash. I have so many because I check them out to clients for use until they can order and receive their own.

Why do I absolutely LOVE these leashes?
1. Very strong and trustworthy for me to use with dogs that are pulling, lunging, trying to run away, get to another dog and various other difficult behaviors. I 100% trust that the leash will hold even a large dog in these types of situations.
2. The rope is perfect for the "leash language" I use with dogs. The signals transmit through the rope better than they do with any other leash material. 3. Perfect size of handle and diameter of the rope that makes it comfortable to hold whether you are just out walking your dog or working in dog training situations.
4. Machine washable (Put in a mesh laundry bag and wash with towels. Hang dry)
5. Fun colors.
6. Feel great to hold.
7. I guess it's possible, but I never gotten a friction burn from them as I have with other leashes. And I've had some very large dogs pull very hard on me.
8. All of my clients that have ordered them absolutely love them too!
9. Very sturdy and well made. I doubt I would ever need a replacement but it's nice to know that there is a lifetime guarantee anyway.

Best leash around. I will never buy any other kind again. Thanks for making such a great product that is perfect for my personal and professional needs.


Portland, OR

My entire team loves these leashes. They are durable, colorful, and comfortable to hold. As a Dog Training company we always have a leash in our hands. We have been very impressed with the Mountain Dog Leash quality. Most importantly I am thrilled with their customer service. Charles is always super friendly and prompt with any request.Any time one of my clients has needed a replacement they are always satisfied! You cannot go wrong with this leash or Company!

I bought my Mountain Dog leash almost 4 years ago. It is an outstanding product. It is tough and looks great. It is now the only leash I recommend. I know this would be powerful enough for any breed, and the quality of the product is obvious.

CJ and Sam

I've had my Mountain Dog leash for over four years now and it is the only leash I haven't had to replace. I have a crazy corgi beagle mix that pulls harder than a sleigh dog and this is the only leash that I can trust. The only reason why I would be a getting a new one is to change colors and then I'll give the older one to my smaller dog. I don't trust any other leash that isn't from Mountain Dog!

I originally encountered Mountain Dog leashes when a dog store that I worked for carried their products. From the first time I tried one out, I could tell this was going to be a leash that would be with me for a long long time. I currently own 2 slip leads and one versatile leash. I have used them on my personal dogs, on training client's dogs, to catch strays or runaway dogs, and most recently, I use one of the slip leads every day in the shelter where I work in a Major US city. I work there as a behaviorist and sometimes I have to handle fearful, unpredictable, or high strung dogs. This leash helps me with all of that, and it is the only tool I trust for working with a variety of different sizes, energy levels, and personalities of dogs. It is flexible and sturdy enough to help me guide a fearful dog out of it's kennel and it is strong enough that an exuberant dog is not going to pull it out of my hands as they race out of their kennel. And it is safe enough for dogs that are not used to being handled and may bite on the leash. The biggest selling point is that I myself feel safe and confident walking dogs on this slip lead that have little or no dog or people social skills, let alone walking skills. I realize that not many people are going to use Mountain Dog products in this manner, but I decided that their Slip Lead is my go-to tool for any dog situation, whether that's in my personal or professional life. I feel more calm, more confident, and definitely more secure when I have an unfamiliar dog on a Mountain Dog leash. I have put it through the washing machine as well and it comes out looking brand new, and the tab is still just as strong. I am so glad that I discovered Mountain Dog leashes. Thank you for making such an awesome tool that helps me have confidence to do my job in the best way I can.

This is the only type of leash I'll buy...my first set of leashes lasted ten years and the only reason I changed was because I wanted a different color...seriously, believe the lifetime warranty...you have to work pretty hard to destroy these leashes. Love..Love...LOVE them. You will not regret this purchase !!!!!


Atlanta, Georgia

This is a testimonial about their service. I love their leashes, but unfortunately my lab/boxer loved how it tasted more. I hadn't even read their policy on replacing chewed up leashes when I emailed them to inquire about a color. They responded with quite the surprise, "Just send us your address and the leash and we will send you a new one.". Unfortunately all I had left was a picture of the aftermath and that was no problem. For a small company, they are doing it right!

The Amazing Versatile Leash is A MUST! I've had one for 2 years and am still coming up with different ways to use it. I own two pit bulls and it is essential for control (when someone spots a squirrel!). You can steer your dog when in crowds and control how close you keep them to you. I always get asked about the leash. You should print your name on the leash to spread the word! Thank you for a wonderful product.

Thanks for making such awesome leashes! My dog, Atlas, and I compete in professional dock jumping. I used to use a metal slip collar to leash him up after his jump, but that was very cumbersome. While I would be futzing around with the collar, he would always give his post-swim shake and soak me every time! Lesson learned and I smartened up when I got the Super Slip Lead leash. The stiffness of the rope keeps the loop open to easily leash up before I get soaked. I'm “retired” rock/ice climber, so I clipped a climbing carabiner to the leash handle. I can quickly and easily tether him while I tend to something. I also clip the slip loop to the handle and sling it over my head to conveniently carry it while we're out hiking. As an added bonus, while spring hiking in the Adirondacks we came across an icy face on the trail. It was great to have the confidence in the climbing rope to safely descend that section. 5 years and the leash is still going strong. Thank you!

Brian and Atlas

New York

I love Mountain Dog! The leashes give me the control and the versatility and the ease to handle my two rescue pups of very different sizes and energy levels. Rocky the black lab mix and Maxwell the bichon mix -- go hiking every day. Love how these leashes are soft to the touch, strong and stylish to boot! And the folks at Mountain Dog are the best -- going above and beyond in their customer service and quest for excellence. A great company making great products. And making a different for our planet. It's a winning combination! Thank you Mountain Dog!

Rocky and Maxell

We use a Mountain Dog leash for our 100+ lb. Rottie and just got another one for our new Pitt Mix. LOVE them! Great product!

I've had my Mountain Dog leash for 3 years now and it is in *perfect* condition. My ACD mix Zoey loves it! And so do my hands. This is by far the most comfortable leash for both myself and my pup! I recommend this leash to all my friends with dogs. They are just so perfect!


I have a Plott Hound who could never learn how to properly walk on a leash. I found a Mountain Dog Leash at a local pet store and it was the fix to our problem. I tied the leash around my waist, he follows me now! No tugging no pulling and a happier dog! The only problem is now all my dog wants to do is go on walks!


I had to come back and write another one. We had the use the chew gareentee which was effortless, but as said before what I really wanted to touch on was the customer service. After mine was chewed I also emailed him and asked if we could maybe replace our loop one with a latch one... What he said was.. Write a letter with what you want and I'lll make it. So i did, and he did. Took about a week and just got it today.. Perfect. This is easily the best online customer service I have ever seen. EVER.


My dalmatian had chewed through 3 leashes in 2 months. The Mountain Dog one is still in perfect condition a year later and that is with at least weekly games of tug with it.

I just bought the Amazing Versatile Leash in the "super neon" color. My Australian Cattle Dog is helping me train for a half marathon, and I was looking for a leash that would allow us to run together without holding each other back. This leash is perfect! It's comfortable for me and is still long enough even when it's around my waist so that we don't trip over each other. The super neon color is super bright and allows us to be seen more easily on the street. I can't say enough good things about this leash!

A truly beautiful company. Meant to write this review over the summer, I didn't forget about you Charles! I have about 4 Mountain Dog leashes - and I love every single one of them. But the real love was in the customer service. "Chewing mistake" coverage made my brain explode. I got a new leash in days, and I didn't have to send the old one back to them because I bought another one I wanted on the website while I was browsing. This place is a home run - products are out of this world, especially since they used RECYLED climbing rope! And the customer service totally rocks man. Felt like I was talking to my old friend when talking with Charles. Cool side note: I have a dog leash that actually matches my real climbing rope! Woop woop! Live long and prosper, my friends.

I work at an all natural pet supply store and the Mountain Dog leash is by far my favorite. I recommend it to everyone who is shopping for a new leash. They are so durable and the warranty is amazing. All the fun colors and patterns definitely make it an eye catching piece!

I just purchased the Versatile leash at Doggie by Nature in Wilmington and I love it! My German shepherd and I like to go running and this leash has really improved our runs. I love that I can easily hook it around my waist without it squeezing me if he is feeling mischievous. It is also still a good length even if around my waist and I can actually get a good, comfortable run in since I have the use of both arms!

Amazing customer service! I contacted Charles via email on Nov. 27th 2012 and immediately got a response. I was looking for a custom leash, a simple change. Since I am an avid rock climber, I wanted to use a carabiner instead of the normal clip. I asked if it would be a problem, and of course it was not. He said he would begin making the leash and have it shipped out asap. I received the leash exactly as asked in the mail today, Dec. 1st. Awesome customer service, and an awesome product. The leash works great with my Husky, Zeek! Can't wait to try it out on my next climbing trip. Thanks so much!

Reed Perry & Ezekiel

My Amazing Versatile Leash is so good, I got one for my 100lb plus Chessie. When I added a chocolate Labrador to my "pack" I had to get one more. That says it all. Everyone likes it.

LOVE my Amazing Versatile Leash!!! Thank you so much for the slight change in design for me. I have a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua so as you can imagine I need a very versatile leash. This leash actually allows me to walk both dogs at the same time & still maintain equal control believe it or not. And after a quick google tutorial on tying different climbers knots, I can easily modify the leash in several ways to accommodate the many different situations and places that I walk my Rottie. Thank you for the great customer service! The ease of the satisfaction guarantee and the willingness to work with me to ensure that I got exactly the product I was looking for. My Rottie is going through therapy dog training and you can guarantee that I will be sharing how happy I am with this leash as well as where to get one with everyone I meet. Thanks again!!!

Brian, Rogue & Chloe Monster

San Diego, California

I just bought the original clip lead from Dogs All Day in Charlotte, NC. LOVE this leash and can't wait to take Pesto hiking! It's so comfortable on our daily walk, I can only image the ease during our hiking trips. Pesto is now and forever a Mountain Dog!

Angela (Pesto's person)

Best leash ever! I can't to anywhere without getting compliments on this leash. She chewed through every leash until this one and now she doesn't even try. She loves it and I love it. Easy on my hands when she tries to take off after a rabbit and it looks great too. Will never buy another leash again. This is the end all be all of leashes and you can't beat the replacement policy. Love it, love it, love it.

A Satisfied Customer


Fantastic product, fantastic customer service. My dog unfortunately gave me the chance to test the replacement policy shortly after I received my leash. (This is not a testament to the quality of the leash, rather to my dog's ability to chew through anything once he puts his mind to it). MD got a new leash in the mail quickly with no questions asked. Can't say enough about their service, they really take care of you. I have a feeling many of my friends' dogs will find themselves at the end of an MD leash really soon!



We love it! Seriously the best leash ever. It's so versatile. We live in the city and I love how we can go from short to long. My dog Jude has a tendency to make a snap direction change and this leash has saved my shoulder.... I want one in every color. Thanks again and recommending it to everyone!

This company is top notch! Orders are processed promptly. I received the leash just a few days after ordering, and I live in Florida. The leash is beautiful and well made, and I know first hand that they stand behind their warranty! You couldn't do business with anyone nicer.

I just purchased my second Mountain Dog leash for my other dog. Until getting my first Mountain Dog leash a couple of months ago, my 2 100lb. Great Pyrenees rescues had eaten 6 leashes since I got them in August. They tried a couple of times to eat their MD, with no luck. Plus the design keeps them from snatching me off my feet when they decide unexpectedly to change directions on our daily walks. I hope I don't have to ask for a replacement, but it is good to know if they do manage to chew through their leash, it will be replaced free. Thanks Mountain Dog, great product!

I bought a neon slip lead and while we were walking the dogs, a motorist actually stop in the middle of the street to tell us how highly visible the lead was in direct sunlight. And the lead gives me greater control over the 'puller'.

I bought the Amazing Versatile Leash this past weekend. I had been looking for a multi-function leash for a while that was reasonably priced and didn't require an instruction manual to use it. Not only did your leash fit my requirements but looked better than other multi-function leashes out there. I ran out the next morning for a day hike with my English Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd Mix and it worked wonderfully. Thank you for making an awesome product!

My dog, Tico, and I use the Amazing Versatile Leash every morning. It's the only way that we can run together on the busy sidewalks of Washington, DC. On your leash, he's much more likely to run alongside me than with a regular leash, and I feel more in tune with his movements. Plus, when he does bolt ahead for a squirrel or bird, the versatile leash allows me to use my body for leverage, if necessary. We also appreciate that the leash is made from recycled rope. It is sometimes difficult to find dog products that are environmentally sound. Thank you for making a good recycled product.


Washington, D.C.

I have been using my leash for nearly two months now and I absolutely love it! My dog is a pitbull cross who loves to take me out for walks. She has quite the prey drive, so when she sees something small move...watch out! I find the edges on a typical nylon leash will cut into my hands when she pulls, but not with Mountain Dog. A fantastic leash for a fantastic price! Best of all it's eco friendly!

Al and Marg

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Awesome leash!! My 125lb Bernese Mt dog has eaten like 10 leashes in the past year and has met his match with Mt Dog leash!! Thank you!

Caitlin Nammack


Love it. Just got one today for our English pointer. Crazy good product. Our Jack Russell simply must have one now too...

Greg and Bobbie

Jupiter, Florida

I received the custom made thin Amazing Versatile leash about a week ago and I absolute love it!! Thank you so much for offering to custom make one for Harley. The lighter clasps you’ve used and the thinner rope work brilliantly for him, and the versatility of the leash has already proven very useful. I’m delighted by your product.



Very durable - I have no fear that it will break or fray. Easy to walk my 2 pitbulls totalling 135lbs in tandem. Thank you for the excellent product.



I just bought a two of your leashes and I must say that both have exceeded my expectations. I had bought other leashes in the past for my 65 pound Cur dog and none fit the bill...until my Mountain dog leashes!! Thank you for making an exceptional product in an eco-friendly manner!


Valdosta, GA

My dog is a leash chewer. He has gone through more leashes than I can count. I got him a Mountain Dog leash, and it is impossible for him to get a good enough grip on it to chew. HAH! I also do not get whiplash when he quickly decides there is something he really must stop and sniff. I love this leash!


Atlanta, GA

Just got my first Mountain Dog leash - I love, love, love it. I have medium and large STRONG dogs, and I need STRONG leashes - these are excellent. Great work - I will be ordering more!


Chicago, IL

The leashes are awesome!! We have been selling them in our store since we opened in Novemeber. One of our best sellers!! Thanks for making them!!


Paws at the Corner, Hillsborough, NC

I LOVE my leash and am ready to bring it into my store. I have a small all natural food and supply store. We are very eco-conscious and would love to sell the leashes.


Atlanta, GA

This is a great leash from a generous pit bull and rescue friendly company. It is sturdy and durable leash, soft on the hands which really helps when you are walking 3 or more dogs! We love the color choices and that they are made in the U.S.A.! During walks and at the park, we are frequently asked, "Where did you get that leash? It looks like ship rope"...Mountain Dog!

City Pitties

Brooklyn, NY

Purchased a leash for my 35 pound wild-man hunting terrier after he popped the rivets on his leather leash the second time. This is a great leash.


Dayton, OR

As a 20 year veteran of dog walking I can honestly say Mountain Dog (great name btw) has made the best leash on the market. Our current yellow labradoodle Dudley has chewed thru 3 different nylon leads and has a been know to run unexpectedly. So far he hasn't been able to chew it and I love the strength of the Mountain Dog leash. I will recommend to all dog owners. Have you ever thought of developing a collar??? Keep up the good work and thanks for creating a great product!


I received one of these leashes at a Skyhoundz Worlds Disc Dog Competition and we just love it!! I am ordering more after Christmas and have been asked by many people where I got my leash from.



I bought two Mountain Dog leashes last year for my large dogs Hannah and Annabelle. Hannah (german shepherd/husky mix, and Annabelle ( black and tan coonhound ), are both rescue dogs. You have the best leashes, good looking, super functional, feel great in your hands. We always get lots of compliments on them.


Montclair, NJ

We love your leashes. They're so much more comfortable in hand than flat nylon and braided leather leashes. I picked ours up at the Canine Cafe in Charlotte.


Charlotte, NC

Quite possibly the best leash money can buy... we bought two of these things in Chattanooga at the Skyhoundz worldz and love em.


Orlando, FL

My Pit Bull Honey and I both love our Mountain Dog leash. Using recycled mountain climbing rope is a great idea. Your product is awesome and we are recommending it to all of our friends.

Sharon and Honey

Baltimore, MD

Great idea and great product! We live in Atlanta and shop at Inman Park Petworks. The owner recommended your leash for our dog, Conkite, a shepherd/husky mix. We love it and so does Cronkite!


Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to let you know that I really like the leash. Not only is it built to last, but I think that it is really neat that you are using recycled climbing rope. Both “Bacon,” my 100 lb. mutt and I are very happy with your product and will tell all our friends about Mountain Dog.

Susan K. and “Bacon”

Charlotte, NC

I have a seven-year old Rottweiler named Seika, who just happens to weigh 135 lbs. We've been using the Mountain Dog leash for a month or so now. Two results worth mentioning: 1) It's true, they are very comfortable and seemingly durable; more so than my previous leash, and 2) People actually stop me to ask about the leash, as it's so unique! I also have the feeling that should Seika see a rabbit or a squirrel, and decide that it's go-time, that this leash will hold (even if that means dragging my 200 lb frame head first, behind her!).

Thanks Mountain Dog! I look forward to using more of your products in the future.

Chip C. and Seika

Newport Beach, CA