Where do you get your rope?

The majority of our leashes are made with remnants that we get from a few of the best rope manufacturers in America. We also get rope from a variety of other sources including climbing gyms, guides and individual rock climbers. Some of our Mighty Mini Leashes are made with new 8mm anchor cord.

How durable is climbing rope?

Climbing rope is designed to protect crazy people (like us!) who fall long distances from high places. It is still incredibly strong and durable, and will last a very long time when used as a dog leash.

Can I wash my leash?

Your Mountain Dog leash can be washed many times without reducing its lifespan. You can wash it by spraying it with a hose, or by hand in your sink. You can also use your washing machine and your favorite detergent, but make sure that you place the leash in a pillow case or some sort of firmly closed bag. If you place it in a top loading washing machine by itself it can become wrapped around the agitator (the cylinder in the middle of most machines) and destroy the machine. Also, you should not put it in the dryer. You can just hang dry your leash.


Mountain Dog’s CLO (Chief Leash Officer) is really cool. Where can I meet a dog like that?

Jefe is a purebred Mexican street dog from Hildalgo, Mexico. He adopted us during a rock climbing trip to El Potrero Chico. To say he is a “great dog” would be the understatement of the century. If you do not want to go all the way to Mexico to find your next canine best friend, there are TONS of great dogs waiting for a home at your local dog shelter.


What do I do in the unlikely event that I want to exchange a leash or want a refund?

Our warranty is unconditional and it covers chewing mistakes. If you want to exchange your leash for any reason or want a refund, contact us. We have been in business since 2009 and never denied a warranty claim.

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