Mighty Mini Super Slip Leash


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Even little dogs want to be Mountain Dogs! This leash uses a smaller diameter rope. It is about 50% lighter than the original Super Slip Leash.  The Mighty Mini Super Slip Leash is 6′ long.  After forming a loop around the dogs neck, there is usually about 5’ of leash remaining.

This leash is used by trainers, dog sports enthusiasts, professional dog walkers and anyone that wants a leash that works without a collar.

The Mighty Mini Super Slip Leash is assembled by hand in the U.S.A. from 7mm anchor cord. This is the same cord that climbers use, and it is incredibly strong and durable.The loops at either end of the leash are created with industrial aluminum clamps that are applied with a 3 ton compound press.  We cover the clamps with heavy-duty heat shrink tubing for a clean look. All Mountain Dog Leashes come with an unconditional lifetime warranty that even covers

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